Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


When it comes to dog nutrition it is very important to read and understand what is in your dog food. All ingredients should be listed on the label. The first ingredient listed is the primary ingredient and so forth. There should be no toxic ingredients. Some foods are premium brand. One premium type of food is all natural. Dogs with allergies should have an all natural diet. All natural dog foods are oven baked in order to keep in most nutrients.

If you decide to change your dog food, we suggest mixing half of your old dog food with half the new food. This will prevent diarrhea and an upset stomach.

Certain preservatives used in dog food can be dangerous to dog or puppy. Preservatives are used to prevent the food from going rancid. A list of these preservatives are:

· Ethoxyquin



BHA and BHT can cause an allergic reaction and also affect kidney and liver function.

Ethoxyquin was used in making tires as a rubber stabilizer. When it was first introduced to dog food it caused many problems in dogs. This ingredient may cause cancer. Premium dog food contains natural preservatives such as vitamin E and vitamin C.

The number one ingredient in the food you choose is meat. The meat source should contain no by-products such as bone meal or digest. Good dog food contains lamb, chicken or beef. Dogs can be allergic to poultry products. Most food allergies are caused by the protein in the food. Poor quality protein passes through a dog’s intestinal tract unused resulting in loose, mushy or diarrhea stools.


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