Angel-Lite’s Nala


Angel-Lite’s Nala


Breed: Maltese
Color: White/Black Points Sex: Female

Angel-lite’s Nala

Call Name: Nala

Sire: Ch. C and M’s Casper of Mistwood


Ch. Shaw’s C and M’s Yankee Amee Ch. Shaw’s Tattoo Arnee Ch. DeTettrault’s Mr. Victor
Shaws Natasha Anouk Amee
Ch. Shaw’s Cris-Mars Karina Arnee Ch. DeTettrault’s Mr. Victor
Cris-Mar’s Tickle My Fanci
Shaw’s Double Yum Amee Ch. C& M’s Tootsey Bubble Yum Ch. C and M’s Tootsey Woosey
Ch. C and M’s Marshmallow Angel
Ch. Shaw’s Sabrina Arnee Ch. Mike-Mar’s Jackpot
Shaw’s Foxy Lady Anouk Amee
Dam: Sanae of Windsong Dawnz Distant Thunder Ch. Fantasia My Lucky Star Windsong Master Showcase
Camelot’s Runaway Heart
Dawnz Secret Smile Ch. Dorisee’s Turn Me On of Russ Ann
Dolrisee’s Mi Sunday
Dawnz Social Climber Ch. Keoli Bear-Beware Ch. Keoli Small Craft Warning
Keoli Valentine Lady
Dawns Swirling Petticoats Bean’s Little Bit of Russ Ann
Audrey’s Tausha Maline
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